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Vyramid™ by Hudson Hi-Fi
Vyramid™ by Hudson Hi-Fi

Hudson Hi-Fi

Vyramid™ by Hudson Hi-Fi

Store, Display and Protect Your Vinyl in Style

Now introducing the Vyramid by Hudson Hi-Fi

If you love collecting and listening to vinyl records, you know that displaying them and enjoying their album covers is also an important part of the experience. That's why we created the Vyramid Record Holder, a premier, yet minimalistic display stands that puts the focus on your favorite LP covers, a display that embraces form without compromising function.

Stylish, practical and designed for the modern record enthusiast: the Vyramid Desktop Stand stand looks great by your record player, on a table, shelf, or anywhere else you want to proudly share your collection.

  • LP COLLECTION, TAMED ✓ Forget crates, new vinyl should never get in the way of a classic. Hudson Hi-Fi’s Vinyl display shelf prominently displays your “now playing” art, while providing easy access to the heart of your collection with non-slip piccolo grooves.
  • STEADY TABLE or FLOOR DISPLAY. The innovative and minimalistic style works for all your LPs and favorite media such as books or magazines.
  • UNCOMPROMISED CRAFTSMANSHIP. Proudly handcrafted using sustainably sourced pine and flame polished acrylic.
  • NO RISK PURCHASE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Try our products and if you don’t absolutely love them let us know and we will refund your purchase price NO QUESTIONS ASKED!